Build vs Buy: Crowdfunding Portals

Should I Build or Should I Buy?

The decision to start a crowdfunding portal project can be difficult. Most organizations who want to establish access to new capital via the web, showcase their deal flow, and streamline the investment process, also wish to avoid becoming a technology company in the process. Furthermore, portal owners want the ability to maintain control over…

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CrowdEngine Launches White Label Equity Crowdfunding Portals

San Diego, CA- The 2014 Crowdfunding Global Expo in San Diego is taking place this week, and this week many of the industry’s leading minds are meeting to reflect and meeting to discuss, the industry’s next steps, the JOBS act lifting the ban on general solicitation, and a new flood of millions of new crowdfunding investors are quickly moving online…

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Launching a Crowdfunding Portal: build or white label?

There are plenty of options to choose from when launching a new website: build from scratch?  Have CrowdEngine build and host it? Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer and what you choose will depend on a handful of factors. Many of CrowdEngine’s prospective customers have surveyed the market for months before choosing us, so we thought we’d take some of the pain out for…

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