We’ve helped hundreds of clients launch funding portals, and can offer professional assistance at every step. Below are some of the professional services we offer.

Custom CSS/Header/Footer Development

For those who need a completely branded portal with header & footer that matches an existing website or corporate brand, a CrowdEngine developer can customize your header and footer, fonts, colors, borders and CSS. Contact us to learn more.

Custom Fields & Forms

CrowdEngine can additional fields to your portal's offering and investor database tables and pages according to your specific business requirements. This package includes adding the new custom fields to a form for data entry, and offering page for viewing, as well as to applicable system exports. Contact us to learn more.

Docusign Setup & Mapping

Complex legal documents requiring signature can be customized with specific data from your investor profiles or investments, but it is technical and time consuming to do it yourself. We can do all the integration and field mapping with Docusign. Contact us to learn more.

Custom Project Tombstones

We'll build a custom tombstone for an offering type, including custom CSS, text layout, and custom fields from above. Includes both website tombstone and sharing widget tombstone.Contact us to learn more.

White Glove Launch Support

This is for up to 45 days of unlimited phone and tech support during your launch period. Our support team will help you as much as needed, and even do small things for you like setting up API's and general configuration options (during business hours only). Includes an initial onboarding call up to 3 hours for training on the platform. Contact us to learn more.

Custom Development

Standard feature development rate by a CrowdEngine Developer. Applies to any front end source code troubleshooting/fixes, custom CSS/HTML, or minor feature changes. For source code clients, we also offer Developer Training Sessions for your developer to learn or work with our team to learn the platform. Contact us to learn more.

Front End API/Source Code Option

This package allows for the customization of the majority of the front-end files of your  portal. It’s only for experienced developers, as we expose most of the HTML, CSS, and Javascript front-end code so developers can achieve high levels of customization.  CrowdEngine has over 150 custom API-like variables you can use to build custom portals.

IMPORTANT: Please note we don’t fix or troubleshoot your custom code, we can reset the the code to stock, or our standard development rates will apply, hence why you need your own skilled frontend developer for this option. Contact us for developer documentation.