SEC Promotes Teacher Investment Outreach

Yesterday, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced several teacher investment outreach efforts in connection with its Teachers Initiative. These initiatives include the launch of a podcast series for public school educators, nationwide events for teachers, and the RISE 2.0 of California Summit in Los Angeles on Oct. 17. 

The teacher investment outreach efforts advance the Commission’s commitment to protecting America’s educators when they invest in the securities markets by informing educators about the importance of savings and investing, researching investment products and financial professionals before investing, and identifying the red flags of investment fraud.

Our country’s teachers are everyday heroes whose hard work and dedication are vital to cultivating our future leaders and ensuring America’s continued strength.

The SEC is committed to making America’s securities markets stronger and safer for our nation’s educators, including by helping them become better informed about the investing options available to them.

- SEC Chairman Jay Clayton

In addition to the SEC’s teacher investment outreach efforts, the Commission’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, Retail Strategy Task Force, and Commission staff nationwide have also been actively engaged in outreach events for teachers and educators across the country to help them invest wisely. Commission staff has conducted events at schools, teacher seminars, and employee benefits fairs, and will continue these outreach activities across the school year.

The SEC encourages educators to utilize the resources on its teacher outreach page and to learn about the basics of savings and investing and to utilize the investment professional background check tools on

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