Raise Capital with Reg. D

A proven turnkeycompliant Reg. D 506-C solution.



Built-In AML/KYC solution

CrowdEngine’s proven KYC / AML solution simplifies your online offering, streamlines due diligence, and helps you reach new users so you can have access to more capital. Available in 190+ countries.



Investor Accreditation

Sell tokens to accredited investors in the US and raise up an unlimited amount with Reg D. Automate due diligence and the process from initial registration to a completed investment. Control the process, including accreditation, document signing, whitelisting, and full reporting.



Everything Built-In

CrowdEngine is SEC, FINRA, & Broker-Dealer compliant for Reg A+, Reg D 506(b) & 506(c), and intrastate funding. Including all communication and audit logs for admin users.




Manage your crowdfunding website with ease, and monitor transactions at a glance.   CrowdEngine’s Admin backend and Project Owner Dashboards make it easy to manage everything.  Investors get their own Dashboard with history, documents, updates, forms, etc.