Real Estate Investor Management

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Own 100% of your own data. Sharing your investors with a 3rd party who markets to them is not an option.


Customize and fine-tune our technology with your branding and domain, change any text.


CrowdEngine comes with everything you need to run a compliant offering online, from branding to back office.


Automate the investment process with online escrow, KYC/AML, payment, and signing.


We've automated the entire investment process from KYC to payments, it's like shopping online.


View and manage investors, investments, documents, earning reports, and more.


Upload K-1 reports directly to each investor's dashboard, make life easy for your investors.


Easily upload and display all offering documents on your portfolio pages, or directly to investors of each offering.


We also provide customized marketing sites for Security Tokens, Funds, Real Estate, and other verticals.

Launch your investment
portal in weeks vs. months.

Our software is customizable so you can make your site look just the way you want.

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Built in accounts so your users can easily track investments, documents, updates, and more! Our technology allows for customizable experiences so you can ensure the workflow from sign up to check out works for you.

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Send documents like K-1 reports directly to investors within their investor dashboard, whether it’s one to one, or to all investors at once. Report earning percentages to their dashboards to keep them excited and up to date on their progress.

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Support for all U.S. regulations out of the box, and most international regulations upon request. This includes built-in KYC/AML checks, accreditation verification, compliance paper trail, investor suitability, and more!

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CrowdEngine supports Commercial Real Estate investing of all kinds
including REITs, fractionalized real estate, tokenization and more!

Manage Investors & Online Distributions

  • Manage investors post offering with integrated CRM’s such as Hubspot and Salesforce.
  • Document repositories
  • Investor Dashboards
  • Notification systems, annual report delivery, K1 distributions, bi-directional investor payments.

CrowdEngine Investor Dashboard


Simplify your capital offering

  • Easy setup with no coding required to set up or operate.
  • Straightforward process to load offerings with appropriate guidelines and user experiences applied to each offering type.
  • Save time, money and energy by having one central location for all investment activities and processes associated with the offering.
  • When appropriate, limit which investors enter the deal room by adjusting the access control settings.
  • Point and click offerings and investor management. Visually see the progress of each offering and investor participation in real time.
  • Investors see their investment results visually via graphs and tables in addition to their document repository which stores all their investment documents associated with the offering in one location.
  • Issuers/sponsors and admins own and access all user data at any time.


  • Marketing and site analytics of your choice can be integrated.
  • Facebook and Google pixel tracking
  • Create and display the perfect presentation with an online pitchbook of your offering with the use of videos, images, infographics, text, charts, and tables.

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