Private Label Features

There has been no better time to start a crowdfunding portal, and CrowdEngine can provide the perfect solution. CrowdEngine Private Label solutions hav hundreds of built in customization options so you can build the perfect funding portal without the technical headaches!


Multiple Fundraising Types On The Same Portal
Rewrite Any Copy, Content, Or Emails
Add Custom Fields
Add/Edit Fields, Pages And Emails In Html Or WYSIWYG Editor
Customizable, Mail-Merge, And Auto-Send Emails
Multiple Currencies
Multiple Languages And Translations
Add And Edit Project Categories
Multiple Payment Processors
Automatic Backups
Export Your Data
Api’s And Social Networks Built-In
Unlimited Campaigns

Admin Features

Site Dashboard With Top Site Trends
User Trends Reports
Campaign/Project Trends
User Dashboard
Contribution Dashboard
Project Dashboard
Track Your Commissions
Track Approved/Unapproved Projects
Track User Activity.
Track User Growth
Google Analytics Integration
Add/Edit Site Name
Add/Edit Site Tagline
Manage And Edit All Projects
Manage And Edit All Users
Manage And Edit All Projects
Manage And Edit All Currency
User Search
User Sort
User Email
User Sign-Up Date
View User Contributions
View User Campaigns
Update User Email
Update User Password
Edit User Bio
Update User Name
Delete User
Block User
User Bios – Rich HTML ready
User Campaigns
User Contributions
Signed-In User: User Settings
Signed-In User: Change Password
Signed-In User: Update Email
Signed-In User: Update User Name
Signed-In User: User Rewards
Signed-In User: Write Bio
Signed-In User: Sign-Up Date
Signed-In User: Delete Account
Customizable User Capture Data At Login
Allow Anonymous Donations (Site Hides Users Identity)
Single Sign On: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Design and Layout

Successful Campaign Banner
Logo Click Goes To Homepage
Browse Project Header Link
Start A Project Header Link
Search In Header
Change Language In Header (If Offering Multiple Languages)
User Login/Sign-Up In Header
Campaign Badge – Title
Campaign Badge – Campaign Creator Username
Campaign Badge – Description
Campaign Badge – Progress Bar
Campaign Badge Stats – Percentage Funded
Campaign Badge Stats – Amount Contributed
Campaign Badge Stats – Time Left
Remove “Powered By CrowdEngine” Badge
Footer: Customize All Html/CSS
Header: Customize All Html/Css
Add Your Own JavaScript
Instant Update
Translation Ready
Change Only What You Need
Accepts Html
Add/Edit Pages In Html Or WYSIWYG Editor
Customizable Mail Merge
Customizable Auto-Mailer
Add/Edit Homepage Content
Add/Edit Pages
Add/Edit Terms And Conditions
Add/Edit Languages And Translations
Add/Edit Categories
Find Fully Drafted Faqs
Customize Your Site To 100% Your Specifications
Use Your Own Logo
Use Your Own Url
Remove “Powered By CrowdEngine” Footer
Add/Edit Header Html
Add/Edit Footer Html
Add/Edit Css
Add/Edit JavaScript
Add/Duplicate/Edit Themes
One-Click Theme Updates
Staff Picks Widget
Embeddable Widget
Your Own Favicon
Add/Edit Your Header Html
Add/Edit Your Footer Html


Easily Add and Edit Emails To Match Your Brand
Email Admin When Campaigns Are Submitted
Edit Html Emails And Signatures
Edit User Sign-Up Welcome Email
Edit Campaign Update Email
Edit Campaign Comment Email
Edit Campaign Submission Email
Edit Campaign Approved Email
Edit Subjects Of Emails
Disable Sending Of Emails
Mail Merge – User Name
Mail Merge – Campaign Name
Auto-Email To Contributors – Campaign Ending Soon
Auto-Email To Contributors – Campaign Successful
Auto-Email To Contributors – Campaign Unsuccessful
Auto-Email To Contributors With Rewards On Successful Campaigns
Customize Reset Password Email
Email Confirmation
Thank You Page After Payment
Thank You Page: Large Facebook Share Button
Thank You Page: Large Twitter Share Button
Thank You Page: URL Link For Sharing


Add New Pages To Your Site In Html And WYSIWYG Editor
Update Header And Footer
Features – Pages
Add/Edit Any Page
Delete Page
Edit Page
Set Title
Set Subtitle
Set/Modify Links for Pages
Use As Terms Page
Hide Page
Add New Categories
Rename Categories
Reorder Categories
Delete Categories
No Maximum
Edit Categories
Add Sub Categories
Enable Multiple Categories On A Single Campaign


Campaign Title And Campaign Creator In Title Tag (For Seo)
Link To Campaign Creator’s Profile
Display Total Amount Raised
Display Total Contributions
Display Time Remaining
Info Bar: Campaign Style Description (All Or Nothing, Keep It All)
Info Bar: Campaign Status (Successful, Unsuccessful)
Facebook Share
Twitter Share
Url Share
About Text/Images
Never-Ending Campaigns
Updates From Campaign Creator
Campaign Contributors Emailed About Updates
Contributor List
Campaign Creator View Their Contributor’s Selected Rewards (Hidden To Others)
Campaign Creator View Their Contributor Emails (Hidden To Others)
Anonymous To Public Contributions
Enable Anonymous Comments
Campaign Creator Emailed About New Comments
Set/Remove Campaign Durations
Set Preferred Campaign Durations
YouTube Ready
Vimeo Ready
Facebook Single Sign On Ready
Twitter Single Sign On Ready
LinkedIn Single Sign On Ready
Add, Edit, Approve, And Deny Campaigns
One-Click Approve Campaigns
Hide Campaigns
Hide Campaigns Until X Donations
Release For User Editing
Project Faq Section