Offering Document Preparation

Legal Templates & Review

We offer legal templates for all the major U.S. offering types under the JOBS Act, and have attorneys who will review the documents for a fixed fee. We work with an extensive network of experienced securities attorneys and can help you get your project up and running quickly. Contact us to learn more.

Form C

Pursuant to the JOBS Act and the SEC regulations, in order to raise money using Title III Crowdfunding, a company must prepare a Form C and file it with the SEC prior to launching an offering. We offer Form C drafting services that can help you prepare the Form C. The Form C we prepare requires only a light legal review by a lawyer, which can be done by your own lawyer or one of our legal partners. Once signed off, you can file it with the SEC.

Form D

A Form D is required to be filed by any company raising capital under certain SEC exemptions. If you are conducting an offering under Regulation D you must file the Form D within fifteen days of closing your deal. CrowdEngine will walk you through the process and if you would like a lawyer to assist we can connect you with one of our partners for a low flat rate.

Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

Whether you are creating a Reg D 506(b) or 506(c) offering or other type of private placement, you should use a private placement memorandum or PPM to protect yourself and your business. A PPM is a disclosure document that you provide to potential investors and is a record that you provided all material information about your company. A PPM is especially useful when raising money from outside investors or strangers who you don’t have a personal relationship with which is especially common with Reg D 506(c), and Reg A+ offerings.