How It Works

Milestone 1: Configure

Our platform comes with the key features you need to setup a white-label platform. In order to make the platform work for you, you'll need to do some initial configurations of these features such as:

  • Configure your global settings to meet your needs
  • We add/enable Integrations (DocuSign, etc)
  • Customize our default content such as emails, project categories, built in FAQs, and more 
  • Customize the built in Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages to fit your needs

Milestone 2: Branding

Our platform is also able to be branded to have the look and feel you'd like. We help you to then bolt this site onto your homepage. This helps ensure that your investors don't know the difference moving between it and your homepage. This includes:

  • Adding your logo, and favicon to the site
  • Customizing your header and footer with your own custom links using HTML and CSS
  • Using the custom.css file to customize the styling to the inner pages of the site including the fonts, colors, buttons, etc..
  • Setting your own SEO metadata for when your site goes live, and becomes indexable online

Milestone 3: Test

Our platform comes with a default set of workflows and rules for each regulation type that our support team can modify depending on your needs. It is best to test the default workflows to ensure they work for you. We can help to modify the workflows to better fit your needs if necessary. Testing includes:

  • Creating several test projects to get familiar with the project creation workflow
  • Testing the investment process to ensure your investor experience works the way you want it to. This includes how your investors sign, verify accreditation, and make their payments.
  • Creating test users to ensure your registration process is as needed, and you are famiar with the experience your users will have once your site is live

Milestone 4: Launch

Once you confirm your site is ready for live use, and you've completed all the configuration, customization, and testing you need, we'll be ready to use the portal for live investments. At this time, our support team will help by clearing all of your test data. Whenever you are ready, you can then begin to create your first live offerings, and begin accepting investments on your new crowdfunding portal. The prerequisites for this include:

  • Enabling portal for production use
  • Client Sign off on all testing, and configurations
  • Clearing all test data from the portal prior to live use