Feature Comparison

Securities Plans

CrowdEngine Feature List by Product Type Starter/Single Raise Professional Enterprise
Admin Dashboard
Investor Dashboard
Issuer Dashboard
-Project Creation
-Unlimited Campaigns
-Multiple Campaign Types
-Fully Integrated Payments
-Multiple Payment Processors
-Portal Wide Compliance Engine
-Electronic Signatures
-Automatic Emailing
-Customizable Look and Feel
-Social Media Login Upon Registration
-Custom Data Collection
-Custom SEO Tags Per Page
-Data Exporting
-WYSIWYG Editors
-Third Party API Support
-Automatic Backups
-Custom Feature Requests
User Dashboard
-View My Listings
-View Supported Listings
-Edit Account Info
-User Messaging
-Track Payments
-Earnings Reports
-Investor Documents
-Profile Creation / Selection
Explore Projects
-Projects Listed By Category / Status
-Search Projects
Project Overview
-Edit Project
-Manage Project (Owner):
Manage / Export Project Supporters
Add Investment Documents
Approve / Deny Deal Room Access
Manage Project Questions / Answers
-High Resolution Image / Video Slider
-View Project Statistics
-Project Description
-Project Comments
-Project Updates
-Project FAQs / Q&A
-Deal Room
-Owner Details
-Indicate Interest
-Project Location (Google Maps)
-Embed / Share Projects
-All or Nothing / Flexible Funding Options
-Configurable Checkout Options Per Project Type
-Configurable Compliance Requirements
-Payment Confirmation
-Portal Usage Reporting
-Project Statistics
-Google Analytics
Manage Users
-View User Details
-Search By Email, Name, or Phone Number
-Manage User Roles, and Access
-Access User Versions (Change Logs)
-Ban / Unban Users
-Signup / Last Login Date
-Sort By
-Export All Users
-Manage User Profiles
-Export Profiles By Type
-Custom Profile Fields
Manage Projects
-Approve / Deny Projects w/ Messaging
-Launch / End Projects
-Create Projects
-Edit Projects
-Pay Out Funds
-Refund All Payments
-Search By Title, Email, Status, Category, etc..
-Export All Project Data
-Custom Project Fields
-Approve / Deny Pre-Project Submission Requests
Manage Payments
-Transfer / Refund Payments
-Cancel Payments
-Mark Payments As Complete
-Search By Project, User Email, Status, Amount, etc…
-Sort By
-Payment Dates
-Export All Payments
Manage Compliance
-Track Self Accreditation Requests
-Track Third Party Accreditation Requests
-Track E-Signatures
-View Manual Accreditation Documents
-Approve / Deny Manual Accreditation
-Theme File Access (optional w/ additional fee)
-Customizable Category Lists
-Custom Project Lists
-Customizable FAQs
-Customizable Link Lists
-Custom Content Pages
-Customizable Text
-Custom Assets
Bolt-on to Client Website
Stand-Alone customizable crowdfund theme
-Customizable Email Text (HTML)
-Customizable Email Wrapper (HTML)
-Dynamic Email Tokens
-Activate / Deactivate Emails
-Email Logs
-Emails Tiggered upon:
User Registration / Confirmation
Lost Password
New Message
New Project Comment
New Project Update
New Project Question / New Project Answer
New Project Document
User Indicated Interest
Payment Notification (Owner)
Payment Confirmation (User)
Payment Cancellation (User)
Project Submitted
Project Approved / Denied
Project Launched
Project Ending Notifications
Project Successful / Failed Notifications
Deal Room Access Requested / Approved / Denied
Accreditation Requested / Approved / Denied
Global Settings
Portal Name
Domain Name
Coming Soon Mode (Splash Page)
Redirect After Registration
Contact Email
Portal Time Zone
Date Format
Site Logo
Email Logo
Facebook Share Logo
Google Maps
Google Analytics
Login With Facebook
Login With Twitter
Login With LinkedIn
Project Options:
Toggle Profile Selector
Toggle Supporter Only Comments
Show Failed Projects
Show Successful Projects
Minimum Contributions Before Public
Redirect After Project Submission
Project Durations
Toggle Project Submission Notifications
Toggle Project Template Selector Page
Require Admin Approval For Project Creation
Project Location
Allow Self Contributions
Additional Fee Per Contribution
Set Tax Value
Toggle Manual Payment Processing
Offline Payment Instructions
Select Currency Types
Select Main Currency
Select Language
Select Default Language
Custom Facebook URL
Custom Twitter URL
Custom LinkedIn URL
Custom Blog URL
MailChimp API Setup
Mailing List
Splash Page
Help Settings:
Specify Payment Related FAQs
Specify Project Creation Related FAQs
Support URL
Support Email Address
Project Templates
-Multiple Project Templates
-Project Compliance Engine
-Historical Projects
Project Template Options Include:
Par Value or Units x Price
Show Pending Investments
Toggle Social Sharing
User Payment Privacy (Anonymous Checkout)
Payment Provider Selection
Require Offline AML Check (Project Creation)
Require Offline Signature (Checkout)
Toggle Deadlines (Manual End Dates)
Admin Payment Moderation
Minimum Payment Per Transaction
Maximum Payment Per Transaction
Maximum Raise Limit (Project Creation)
Toggle Interest Expressions
All-or-Nothing / Flexible Funding
Open Ended Funding
Offline Funding
Custom Fields
-Custom Project Fields
-Custom Profile Fields
Document Templates
-Configurable Document Templates
-Different Templates Per Project
Collect ACH Payment Info
-DocuSign (Signature)
-ID Verification (KYC/AML)