CrowdEngine Partners with Aboveboard on Security Tokens

CrowdEngine, a long time software provider in the online capital formation industry, has recently partnered with Aboveboard to “streamline the process of launching and managing a tokenized security.”

CrowdEngine provides a litany of securities crowdfunding solutions including offerings using Reg D, Reg S. Reg A+ and Reg CF. CrowdEngine can also provide intrastate crowdfunding services. More recently, CrowdEngine has moved into the security token…

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Investing in ICOs

By Jim Borzilleri
I’ve spent the last few weeks looking at upcoming ICOs, and there are certainly many worthy of a chance to make their concept and technology work. With decentralization disrupting industry after industry, there are likely some truly game-changing unicorn platforms among them. Unfortunately, there are also many that don’t have anything but a website and an idea, with…

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Equity Crowdfunding AT-A-GLANCE

The new equity crowdfunding regulations can be confusing, so we made a cheat-sheet you can use to ease the pain.  This infographic lays out the regulations and typical questions we get asked about investor limits and other details of how it all works in the new equity crowdfunding arena.


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